CORNouflage - The Spill

Often snow covers the crops and fields use CORNouflage to make your spread jump out to help attract the birds. Multiple CORNouflages in a spread make it even more welcoming.


We put your new product to the test. Once you set out “the spills” they look so real it’s really unbelievable. Ducks & geese are attracted to feed & that’s a fact. Now you have come up with a product that simulates “the spill” in the field legally. What a product. Not only did this not flare the birds but they seemed to zoom in on them. We used your products 2 days. The 1st day 4 of us shot 10. We got in what we saw. Day 2 was a whole new day in a different field. We set the spills right in the “gut” in front of our layouts & that is exactly where they landed. Now this sounds pretty typical. The only thing is we had no wind & these birds dumped right on the spills. 5 guys limited in less then an hour. -Cory “Let em Land”